The Most Common Behavior Issues And How To Handle Them

One of the most troubling aspects of being a parent is how to handle bad behavior. Many parents have to handle the same negative behaviors and over the years, plans to handle such behaviors have been created. Today we are going to look at some of the most common behavioral issues and how to address them.


Lying At All


Every parent deals with their child lying at some point. The lying stems from one of three reasons: the need for attention, to avoid getting in trouble, or to feel better about themselves. Upon catching a lie from your child you should confront them in a diplomatic way, try: Is that the truth or is what you want to happen?


Consequences should be applied for lying while positive feedback should be given when they are telling the truth. Make sure that one of the established rules of your home is that your everyone should always tell the truth.


Defiance To Requests


If your child doesn’t want to listen when you ask them to do something, that behavior needs to be corrected. Parents should give one warning that their request should be headed. In the wording of the warning should be the consequence you want to apply. After that, if they fail to listen, you need to follow through on the consequence.


Too Much Time Behind Electronics


A more modern problem is the control of time behind electronic devices. Too much time using electronics devices can lead to addiction and further bad behavior. Creating a set amount of time that your child can use their devices is important. If your child doesn’t follow the rules it is important to take away the devices. Also important is being a role model for your children. They watch how much time you spend using your electronics.


Disrespectful Speech And Behavior


Disrespect is something that most parents have to handle at some point whether it is as simple as name calling or something like throwing objects. Ignoring minor disrespectful behavior is a good way to show your children that it won’t get what they want. When more serious disrespectful actions happen, apply consequences.


The Bad Habit of Whining


Whining is something that most children try at some point or another. First tell them that whining isn’t going to get them what they want, after that it is good to ignore whining. If whining continues, speak with them about why they are whining. Sometimes it can be because they are trying to handle difficult emotions.


Trouble Getting Ready For Bedtime


While not all bedtimes are the same, problems getting your kids to sleep at one age or another is pretty universal. Having an established bedtime is an important first step. By creating both a bedtime and a routine before bed, the habit of going to bed on time will develop.


Aggressive Behavior


A large amount of aggressive behavior stems from not knowing how to handle one’s emotions. Negative consequences should be applied when your child displays aggression. You should also attempt to discover the root of the bad behavior. If the aggression is significant or does not start to decline, you should seek professional help.