Ethics In Psychotherapy

Ethical Compliance

Statement of Our Commitment to Compliance

Ethics is a critical issue in every helping profession, in which the clients—patients—are in trouble and seeking help. This is especially the case in psychotherapy, for which the focus of intervention is targeting the most internal, sometimes hidden and intimate world of an individual and their families. Providing successful outcomes to kids in our community is our mission. To help our community and to support parents and other caretakers is what is most important at  Children’s Wellness.

We pledge to do our best to:

  • Communicate clearly about your child’s treatment plan and progress throughout services.
  • Give parents and caretakers a voice to suggest improvements, report concerns, and otherwise empower you in your child’s wellness.
  • Help you improve parenting strategies by providing education and training on helpful strategies proven to work with different age groups and individualized to your child’s needs.
  • Protect confidentiality.  Psychotherapists are often asked to provide information about their clients to employers, spouses, school administrators, insurance companies and others. While such requests may be well-intentioned,  your information or your child’s information will not be shared with any outside source without your written consent.

In exchange for the commitment we make to you, Children’s Wellness expects you to do your best to:

  • Attend sessions as scheduled.
  • Follow treatment recommendations.
  • Properly report any incidents during the course of therapy.
  • Be open…
  • Be honest…
  • Be prepared…
  • Ask questions!

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