In Home Based Services

Children’s Wellness Services For The Home And Community

As an approved provider by the Florida Department of Children and Families, we provide Intensive In-Home Services (IIH). Our IIH services include clinical services, behavioral services, and Individual Support Services (ISS) throughout Florida and the surrounding area. We use a Behavioral Health Treatment Services Division to provide behavioral treatment and associated services to children as well as their families.

Each service we provided is done with three major factors in mind:

  • Accountability
  • Accessibility
  • Efficiency

Accessible Services For All Who Need Them

We use a network of professionals that we have developed across the state of Florida that includes both behavior specialists and paraprofessionals. Our team worked hard to ensure that we had the best that the State of Florida has to offer. Ongoing training and a plethora of experience help to further back our ability to work effectively with both children and family. Even when the situation becomes challenging.

Accountable Services That You Can Trust

Being able to trust those who work with your family is important. We are licensed and certified where needed. But no matter the requirements all of our staff are thoroughly screened, trained, and come with the experience needed to help. Communication is a cornerstone to our services. We perform real time data collection and that data is monitored by both care supervisors and you to track the progress of goals and celebrate achievements. Your satisfaction and the success of your kids is the most important factor.

Streamlined Efficient Services That Don’t Cut Corners

At all times our focus is on the success of the children we serve. Getting those results quickly while not cutting corners and keeping cost low is important. By implementing top tier technology we are able to plan all parts of our company to make sure the operation runs smoothly. Even if there is a crisis. Not only are we an approved Florida Department of Children and Families provider but we maintain approval from the Florida Department of Education and have an internal team to ensure quality is met.

Our team works as an in network provider with almost all Florida health insurance plans. We use this to help direct our resources to you at a lower cost while providing more than other agencies in the area.

At Children’s Wellness Company, our services aren’t limited to your home. We also provide Intensive In-Community services throughout Florida.

Our referral line is 305-310-4245 and you can reach us by email.