School District Services

The Children’s Wellness Company’s difference and how we can provide value to your district:

1. Comprehensive Services. We are not a staffing company, we are a provider of behavioral health and mental health services.  All of our staff are supervised and undergo intensive training and continuing education on an ongoing basis.

2. Quality Assurance. We employ Quality Improvement Committees throughout the organization; each with a focus on ensuring that all services delivered to clients are done in compliance and in accordance with best practices clinically.

3. Transparency and Accountability.   As a partner of Children’s Wellness Company you will have access to reports, outcomes and other pertinent data.

4. At Children’s Wellness Company, we have worked with special education school operators and are in a unique position to understand the challenges that educators face day in and day out.  From IEP compliance to budget constraints, we have been there!

5. Due to our quality assurance practices, rigorous training and supervisory expectations, we are competitively priced and offer high value.  Our district partners have found by working with us that they have saved tremendously by reducing costly out of district placements, transportation, litigation and other outsourced staffing needs. Children’s Wellness Company prides itself with providing quality of services by generating both efficiency as well as effectiveness.

6. We work with each school district to find new and creative ways to more effectively serve their students within their budget.

At Children’s Wellness Company, we offer school districts throughout Miami Dade and Broward county services in working directly with educators to better assist in the treatment of children in the school setting. To learn more about classroom observations and the proper treatment, contact us at 305-310-4245 or you can email us.