Why Choose Childrens Wellness Company

What Makes Children’s Wellness Company Stand Out?

Children’s Wellness Company offers a variety of therapeutic services.  From traditional individual, family, marriage and group therapy to evidenced based practices such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Also, Children’s Wellness comes to you!  We are in your community and a part of your environment, observing how you do life and how we can help you make adjustments that lead to improvements within yourself and your family.  You want to get the services you need while not wasting time.

Children’s Wellness is an organization that is completely dedicated to helping those in the community that we serve. We focus on outstanding services that come from evidence-based research. Our organization is structured to promote our services with a people first focus.  We constantly strive to improve ourselves so that we can better serve you.

We have focused on building a high skilled network of professionals at Children’s Wellness.  A heavy focus on our clients and the community is a core value at Children’s Wellness Company.

Most of those we serve and have yet to serve want to know how Children’s Wellness stands out. What makes our therapeutic services for children, adolescents and families suffering from a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues along with those with autism spectrum disorder and other pervasive disorders stand out? Beyond our professional staff and ongoing training, we have put together a set of best practices and standards for our team to operate under.

Here are the elements of our therapeutic programs at Children’s Wellness:

  • Individualized services for each client
  • Training for family and caregivers as a standard
  • Cross-care coordination of treatment with all involved
  • Board-Certified Behavior Analysts to develop and oversee all programs
  • Goal setting and tracking to have measurable progress
  • Sharing of goals and progress with family members and care team
  • A professional billing team to handle insurance and/or payment
  • Industry-standard clinical processes
  • Use of the most recent research, literature, and practices in ABA therapy
  • Simplified intake process to make onboarding easy
  • Adherence to industry guidelines such as those from Behavior Analyst Certification Board is standard
  • Progress is the focus with goals and progress sharing for accountability and celebration

At Children’s Wellness we are experienced in the care of those on the autism spectrum. To learn more about autism and the proper treatment, contact us at 305-310-4245 or you can email us.