What Types Of Phobias Do Children Get?

It isn’t uncommon for children to have fears until they grow up. Sometimes these fears are realistic, sometimes they aren’t. But sometimes a fear is something more, that is when it becomes a phobia. A lot of people don’t believe that a child can have a phobia but they most certainly can. What phobias can a child develop?

Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

No one wants to imagine that their child is being bullied. We want our kids to only have the best life possible. That being said, bullying can be found around the world. It can be as basic as name calling and can go all the way up to life threatening situations. No matter how dangerous or how unimportant the bullying might seem, it is always important to address bullying.

What Are Causes of Child Aggression?

Childhood aggression can be a serious condition that needs to be addressed. Sometimes childhood aggression comes by itself while in most circumstances it is a sign of an underlying condition. By the time a child enters grade school aggression should be out of their system. They have learned to express themselves and have gotten past parts of their growth where aggression is their go to feeling.