Insurance Advocacy

The Insurance Advocacy Group At Children’s Wellness Company

Paying for treatment isn’t always easy, neither is working with insurance companies. At Children’s Wellness Company we have a dedicated insurance advocacy group. The team brings together top experience in contracting, coding, authorization, and billing issues. Our team advocates for our clients as they would for their own children.

We gather all of your insurance information and start making the calls for you. When we are done with our calls, you will have an idea of your eligibility for Applied Behavior Analysis, or mental health services provided by Children’s Wellness Company. We are a better insurance advocate because:

  • We have experience and relationships with most insurance companies
  • We know what to ask and how to gather the right information needed to ensure ABA treatment
  • We work to get correct copay information as well as information about your deductible
  • We also determine the maximum benefits that you can receive and the maximum amount of sessions you can have
  • We work to find the specific authorization requirements for your plan
  • Our internal billing service handles all claims for you with our specialized ABA billing services
  • Feel free to contact one of our insurance specialists today for details

Coverage Mandates For Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis did not used to be a covered treatment by most insurance companies. Over time though, like most treatments, a track record of success, has led to more and more insurance agencies covering ABA treatment for those they serve. Not all insurance companies carry ABA at this point. We recommend that you double check with your company and insurance carrier to ensure they have ABA coverage.

For those whose employers don’t cover Applied Behavior Analysis, they should talk with their employer. Explain to them the benefits ABA can have for children and why it matters to you.

States around the country have started to mandate insurance companies carry ABA. Already about half of the states carry such a law. More insurance agencies have started to add coverage. will help you to see which states have coverage and to help you to be an advocate for better coverage. You can advocate for coverage if your state does not currently have coverage. Further, you can appeal the decision or the rejection of a claim with your insurance company. Not every no is as solid as it might seem at first.

Getting Insurances Involved

Although some services are worth getting your insurance provider involved,   please be aware of the risks and benefits going through your health care coverage for therapy services. Therapists who accept your insurance coverage are required to give you a diagnosis code when they bill your insurance company. Depending on your situation, your privacy is less protected when going through your health care coverage. Please ask us about this when you call our office.

At Children’s Wellness Company, we advocate for you and your family.  For our assistance, contact us at 305-310-4245 or you can email us.