Miami Mental Therapy

What is therapy and why do I need it?



Therapy is defined by many as “a communication process of increasing clarification and understanding pertinent to specific experiences related to such terms as discomfort, dissatisfaction, disappointment, discontent, disenchantment, and other dispositions that are perceived as problematic”.  This sounds like a mouthful! We often feel that therapy is for people who “have issues” or “can’t get out of bed” or “are crazy” and this many times leads us to remain in patterns that are not helpful to us or those around us.



Therapy helps you process your thoughts and feelings and many times will lead you to the insight you need into what may be causing symptoms that affect your quality of life.  Some of this can include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, family discord, etc.  Often times we do not see children as in need of therapy because symptoms in children may appear as defiance or shy.  However, if these symptoms are affecting your child’s mood, ability to relate to peers and authority figures or school performance, it may be time for some help from a professional.



At Children’s Wellness we offer experienced clinicians to help you through your process to individuals of all ages, toddlers through to adults.



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