How to Deal with Child Aggression

Aggression at any age isn’t acceptable but child aggression can be especially distressing. It can also be a sign of something more. Dealing with childhood aggression may not always be easy, but it needs to be managed. If not properly managed it can lead to serious problems and issues with leaving it behind as you age.

What Effects Do Electronics Have On Kids?

Pretty much everywhere you go in the modern world there is technology. Not to mention that many kids have smartphones and tablets that go most everywhere with them. Too much time spent with screens in front of you can have effects on anyone. It can have even more effects on kids though.

Anxiety With The First Day Of School

The first day of school is supposed to be a fun day where kids can start the new year and learn more. While it is supposed to be a fun day, it isn’t always. Some kids experience anxiety when it comes to the first day of school. By anxiety we mean more than your average worry about fitting in.

A Guide to Borderline Personality Disorders

What if emotions changed in your mind the way the tide does, uncontrolled and frequently. At one point you are on a high, the next you are on a low. This is how it can feel if you have borderline personality disorder. With just that constant shift, everything in your life can be unstable. Beyond your moods and thinking, your identity can change and all of this effects your relationships with those around you.

Is Fatigue A Sign of Depression?

It isn’t uncommon for those with fatigue to question if they have depression. And many who have depression constantly feel tired. So if you have fatigue does that mean you have depression? Sometimes. Both medical conditions can be connected with each other but by having one, you don’t automatically have the other.

Coping With Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy feels like it is more common than ever before. Whether this is true or not, it can be quite difficult for teen parents to cope with their pregnancy. Whether your teen plans to have the child or get an abortion there are likely to be changes that stem from the pregnancy. Nearly every day at least one teenage girl gets pregnant with 250,000 teens giving birth every year.