Marriage Counseling

As you may know, there are many benefits that come from marriage counselling. So really, what is marriage counselling? When working with a marriage counselor, you and your partner will be given the space to explore your relationship, your future goals, and expectations.  Both your individual and relationship behavior is explored during marriage counseling, as well as find ways to be more intentional with your actions and conversations. The main purpose of marriage counseling is to help both partners understand each other’s emotional view and develop empathy for each other.

All relationships have ups and downs, and agreements and disagreements.  Counseling will not take those away but instead help you and your partner get through them more effectively.   Often times relationships change and move through transitions when life changes occur.  Transitions such as when partners become parents, financial stressors, death of a parent or loss of a job are often challenging to navigate and may bring up difficulties you and your partner are not sure how to tread through.  With the help of a trained psychotherapist, parenting issues, grief and financial stressors may be opportunities to learn from each other and strengthen your relationship as a result of difficult times. 

Many people have a hard time admitting it when they encounter difficult marital challenges, and they view the need for marriage counseling as weakness or defeat. Others view the need for therapy as a sign of loss or find themselves giving up hope of any improvement.

But that’s just it – seeking marriage counseling is quite the opposite. It’s showing that you have a strong desire to repair your relationship and that you’re a person who doesn’t give up. It shows love and devotion – even if you are struggling with a rocky marriage.

Our clinician at Children’s Wellness will help you and your partner communicate better and develop empathy and understanding for each other that will, in turn, help your relationship with each other and improve the wellness of your family.  A couple’s issues will sometimes spill into their family life.  Do you have children?  They see it and many times feel the tension.

If you’re not speaking, spending time together, are fighting constantly, acting like roommates, keeping secrets, or have any other obvious signs of marital issues – it’s time to seek marriage counseling and start restoring your relationship.

At Children’s Wellness Company, we offer Marriage Counseling through licensed providers at a Masters or Doctorate level. To learn more about our Marriage Counseling services, contact us at 305-310-4245 or you can email us.