Individual Therapy

What Is Individual Therapy

One-on-one treatment is a common need, this is known as individual therapy. A therapist works with one individual to achieve goals. Individual therapy is one of the most popular types of therapy out there and often includes a number of different styles and skill sets. Psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are among the most common evidence supported treatments used.

Using individual therapy allows the therapist and client to build a rapport which leads to trust and the ability to aid a client with their needs.

The process of psychoanalysis is a longer-term therapy which takes months, and sometimes years. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a different story, you can often start to see results in only a matter of a few sessions.

Psychoanalytic Treatment

Conflict and defenses are two difficult aspects to address. Psychoanalytic treatment works to explore a patient’s personality and then use that to address both conflict and defenses. In order to cure a phobia, you must first identify the conflict and then solve it.

Movies portray psychoanalysis as lying on a couch with the therapist near the patient’s head. The therapist takes an non-opinionated transfer of the feelings of the client. While psychoanalysis is no longer as popular, it is still common. The length of psychoanalysis often makes it expensive. The additional training a therapist needs often contributes to the price.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

As the name implies, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) works by addressing how you think slowly to manage your fears or mental illness. This stems from the interconnections of the mind, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and more are all connected.

Your mental illness often leads you to believing one thing, a belief that has built up over time and via stereotypes. This belief brings with it automatic thoughts, often negative thoughts. Further leading to a behavioral reaction based on those thoughts.

This is the thought process that you are working to intercept in CBT sessions. It is possible to start treating these phobias in just a few sessions. Your therapist will work with you in steps to make the process easy.

A number of schools come together to create CBT: behaviorism, learning theory, and cognitive theory.

CBT and Group Therapy

Sometimes individual training isn’t enough or isn’t right for a client. This is often when group therapy comes into play. CBT can be used with a group, not just on an individual basis.

Depending on your therapist, your time in group therapy could be called a session, a seminar, or a meeting. Sessions can last anywhere from an hour to days. Some specific groups may take days as treatment is done at a remote location to address a specific issue.

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