Coping With Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy feels like it is more common than ever before. Whether this is true or not, it can be quite difficult for teen parents to cope with their pregnancy. Whether your teen plans to have the child or get an abortion there are likely to be changes that stem from the pregnancy. Nearly every day at least one teenage girl gets pregnant with 250,000 teens giving birth every year.



We will approach today’s article with two factors in mind, things that parents of the teen need to consider and things that the teen needs to consider. This will help to give a thorough approach to coping with teen pregnancy. The most successful way to cope with teen pregnancy comes from a unified approach. It is hard to do anything alone, especially becoming a teenage parent.



For the Teen



After finding out you are pregnant you are probably experiencing a multitude of feelings. The first thing that you need to know is that this is normal. Many of the feelings stem from the changes that are bound to come.



A lot needs to be considered before the birth of your child. Even the decision to have your child needs to be considered. All of these decisions can quickly become overwhelming. The first decision that you need to start considering is whether or not you are going to have the child, as there is a certain point at which you no longer have a choice. You also need to decide whether or not you want to keep the child, with the alternative being adoption.



It may help to write down all of the different considerations you have. This will help you to cope with the decisions that you will encounter as time goes on. It doesn’t hurt to also write down your feelings in a journal so that you can have an idea of what you want and how that changes over time.



For the Parents of The Teen



As parents of a teen who is pregnant you might feel like you failed somewhere. You didn’t. You also might want to punish your child. Now is not the time. You need to work with your child to help them make healthy decision but at the same time understand that in the end, the decision is theirs. Helping to set up your child for success will also be a big part of what will come.



You are going to play a big role in the your child’s ability to have their child. Passing off the skills you learned while raising them will be a big part of what is expected of you.



Most teens do not learn much about being a parent in school. One of your jobs is to encourage them to follow proper care options. Visiting the doctor regularly and taking the proper vitamins are just the start. We recommend either signing your child up for parenting classes or taking the classes with them.



Professional Support



Sometimes the changes and various parts of raising a new child can be quite challenging. They can also lead to concerns about your health. Reaching out to your primary care doctor is always a good idea. If you think that you need mental health support, that is also an option.



Mental health professionals such as therapists, social workers, and counselors can all work with you to help prepare you for childbirth. They can also work with the whole family to help work out their thoughts and responses. Plenty of people come to mental health specialists before a birth as it can really help to get your thoughts out there.



In addition to those who give birth, those who opt to have an abortion might also want to seek professional support. Having an abortion can be a traumatic experience, especially for the mother but also for the father of the child. Seeking professional help might be a good route to go.



Coping with teen pregnancy is not easy on anyone. It will take some changes to your lifestyle in order to be prepared to raise a new child. Working as a family though it is completely possible if that is the route that you choose. Don’t be afraid to seek out professional support if you think that your family needs that.